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Life: it goes on

Published by LaGs in the blog LaGs's blog. Views: 116

(This is such a cheesey topic and there's no way I can word things like this without it sounding melodramatic, so I apologise in advance :) )

When I turn on the TV or read the newspaper, so much of the space talks about death. And I know that in itself is such a depressing thought, but it got me thinking: You see or read of people dying in tragic circumstances, and then what happens? The TV or newspaper notes what happened, how the person died, and then it moves on. Aside from the immediate family, when time passes, people are forgotten.

What kind of legacy does the normal person leave? If he died tragically, the TV might mention he was quiet and well-mannered, liked by the people who knew him. Or he might have been loud and popular. Either or. And of course those are enviable qualities a person can have. When you see it, you feel a temporary sadness that that person is dead. But will he be remembered 100 years down the line? You look at history and read about so many remarkable people who left their imprint.

But most people could type their name into Wikipedia and nothing would come back. Or even Google for that matter. If you were to vanish in the morning what easily accessible points info would there be that said, yes, this man lived life, and this is how he lived it.

Does that mean that you haven't achieved anything worth noting? Is it even such a big deal that you won't be remembered in the wider sense of the word?

I would be curious as to what people thought about this. Would you be happy to live a quiet life, maintaining the status quo, or do you strive for something different? Something bigger?

I suppose the crux of the matter is that life soldiers on, inexorably, no matter who you are.

And again I apologise for the cheesiness, but this kind of thing makes me curious.
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