Light - Killer

Published by Shizai Ko in the blog The Purple Sin Child. Views: 93

Light. You and I are so similar. We were such good people. They esteemed us. They put us on this pinnacle. We were naturally good people, but we grew this thing in us. We had such good visions. How can such good visions turn good people into such horrible creatures? But it is us. But we continued to play the part because we were so natural at it. It was expected and we got this far hiding from our fears. This, our little secret, it eats at our hearts. We continued our lives gaining the world and realizing our visions. All the while, we fear the loss of respect, trust, adulation, but most of all the people we confide in. We will lose the comfort of seeing the faces look back at us and seeing a familiar face. We lose knowing that somebody knows us, or at least they think they know us. Maybe it’s the illusion of thinking that people know us that ultimately fools us, thinking we can continue with the façade that once was our true selves. We lose everything if the façade is broken. In the end, we are Mu. What does it advantage a man to gain the entirety of the world and lose his self? Light, we are Mu. The sun will set on us and we will see Mu.
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