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Light seeping into the tunnel...

Published by LostInFiction in the blog LostInFiction's blog. Views: 139

My 50k words of manuscript has been a long time in the making and is still very much a work in process. I've had a few months where it has taken a firm backseat and to be honest, it was getting tricky to manoeuvre through the 30 chapters to tweak and expand on the areas that require that extra something. I printed the document thinking a thorough read through would help, only to find that its incredibly difficult to read my own drafted creation and not constantly interupt myself with minor corrections... So I chose the chapter that required the most thought and decided to only work on this.. Only to find that once I thought it through it was probably one of the more straight forward chapters and the rest needed tweaking much more sensitively or dramatically. Last week, at last, I had a breakthrough and my current solution is to go through adding A4 pages of notes to a printed manuscript. The main issue I have is that although 50k words of writing are hardly a complex novel, the world that I've created and from which my story has grown is much bigger than the words that appear on the page. I'm happy to have this 'problem' because once I complete my manuscript I know it will have depth and life to it.... The key words being 'once I complete my manuscript'!!
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