Lights Out

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The black dog has been visiting lately, maybe a bit of poetry, "whatever" will help. A few weeks feeling dark, than a few days of light. Sadly the light doesnt last as long as i would have hoped this time.

I lock the door behind me, privacy aplenty.
No Angels welcome here, only the demon from within.
I turn the tap, a loud hiss arging against it's will.
The warmth of the water fills the room

Reflecting into the mirror like yesterdays past, I see nothing I care for anymore.
Eons pass it feels for the tomb to fill completely, I wait.
One last drag from the cigarette, my only friend in this hour.
Time for bravery to take the call, no more failed promises.
No more waiting.

Steam releases towards the ceiling.
Stupid tears fall from the blackness within.
The window fogs up, God wants no part in this.
The metal feels hot between the sweat fevering my cursed fingers.

The silence is almost deafening apart from the beat of life in my chest, which pleas for mercy.
The pain is minimal, nothing like I would imagine.
Warm ribbons of red roll down the last of my mortality, licking at my fingers

I match the other, as another dozen streams run down in race.
Bombs drop forth and splash into the coffin, flowering like crimson rose's.
I close my eyes, slide deeper into the the fading warmth
The amber from the cigarette goes out
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