Like my birthday, but sadder.

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So I am moving to university on Saturday – the time really does seem to have crept up.

My friends, as a going away surprise, organised a meal for us all last night. We went to this Italian place in town, where I had my last parmo till Christmas (apparently London doesn’t have parmos – I am going to have to learn to cook them and make thousands of pounds introducing them). I’m usually quite a stiff-upper-lip sort of lass, and don’t get upset easily, but last night I couldn’t help but get emotional, especially after my closest friend presented me with a wall frame which contained various photos of us all inside.

It really was a lovely night, and my friends made me feel so special – like a birthday, but sadder, because I knew this would be the last time till Christmas I would see any of them. It just struck me last night how much I love my friends, and how much you come to rely on them, and just become used to them being in your life over the years. I have known one of the girls since I was three, when we met in nursery, and I have never started something new without her there – so this will be strange.

Yes, going to university is going to be this brilliant experience, and I’ll meet loads of new people there – but I always think it is sad in life that, more often than not, to get something new, you have to leave something else behind.
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