Li'l bit o' poetry.

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This took about 20 mins/half hour I guess. I was just thinking what it'd be like when I have to pack up and leave my uni room for someone else.

The Room

The faint aroma of perfume
echoes my presence in the room,
and lingers for little more
than a moment.

A dip in the mattress cradles
the slowly rising warmth
of where I’d lain, and then expands;
it soon forgets my shape.

The mirror breathes a ghostly
whisper of my lips, as a fingerprint
fades from sight under the glow
of the halogen light bulb.

Pale figures haunt the newly naked
walls; a scrap of blue- tac dries under
the desk; an old pen rolls from view.

Silence steals the room;
the light switched off, the door shut.
My key no longer fits.

Not incredibly abstract I know, but personally I enjoy the simplicity of it. I'm not usually much of a poet, lawl.

In other news: Still losing weight...i've lost quite a bit actually, and i'm probably levelling out to 1 or 2 pounds a week, but as they say, slow and steady wins the race. I'm not interested in losing truckloads of weight over night, only to put it straight back on again...I want to be a healthy, slim individual that doesn't think of food all the time. I'm well on my way!

Uni's going good, and the sun is begining to show its face around here, which is nice, given that too much bad weather turns me into a troll. Sunshine just makes me so much more optimistic...not always, no, but more so than if it were raining.

Yesterday I slipped on some mud and sprained my wrist really badly though, and it's a right should've seen me trying to undo my bra with it LOL. Oh well, that'll teach me. Or not.

Class was cancelled today, so i'm gonna enjoy the sunny morning and probably watch the rest of 'MISERY', a film that i've seen a good thousand times and never tired of it. The book was fantastic too!

I'm out. Ciao!
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