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Listening to Dream Man

Published by Kate Sen in the blog Kate Sen's blog. Views: 82

I call him dream man, because listening to him is like trying to follow the logic of a dream, trying to interpret a consistent plot, which may or may not be there.

I consider listening to him a duty, a community service, in exchange for his service.

My mother was a teacher because bringing up kids is important, so they don't grow up as criminals, and wind up in jails which are overcrowded, like the crowds of tourists in line for the Renwick Gallery, have you seen that line?

Right next to the White House where the President lives. They have got to have some serious security there, cause a terrorist blowing that up would have an impact that was felt all over the nation, worse than a hurricane which is more localized, and affects those in the community, who have to rebuild.

Had a building job once, not a bad work when the weather is nice, but when the wind gets strong and you do not have enough clothes, and not enough money to buy clothes, and not enough prospects to get more, cause in this economy, so many people are homeless, including many of us veterans.

It's an atrocity when a nation does not take care of veterans, cause we risked everything for our nation. None of us would have hesitated to risk our lives for women and children back home.

Was not easy for the women folk either, having to work extra hard, and needing to take care of the kids all by themselves. And those kids were more trouble too with their fathers not there to keep them in line, and they knew it. Got to discipline kids to keep them out of trouble.

Like joining gangs or when they are old enough to first drive, street racing. Have you ever driven a race car? I have, and let me tell you, it can be a powerful feeling, behind that steering wheel, going as fast as you can. The greatest danger is becoming overconfident, thinking one is invincible like God. That's when accidents happen.

Knew a guy who got burned so hard in a race car accident, they could not save his legs, though he had the best doctor's in the country, but there comes a time when there is nothing you can do, and then one's got to accept God's will."
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