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Lore of Exzalia, the fable of the Origin tree

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 176

When the world was young the Godess Origin created the very first of life. It was a seed, smaller than a grain of sand, frail and brittle. With love more tender than that off any mortal mother; she planted this seed; and watched it grow. Seasons passed, years turned to decades, decades to centuries and centuries to millennia, and countless millennia passed; the tree growing ever taller. It dwarfed the mountains, then the clouds, then even the stars in the night sky. it's roots spread across the land, through the oceans reaching barren wastes and along the way sapling forests sprouted. Exzalia was turning green this one tree giving birth to all forests.

Then, a new creature appeared, a creature who knew not it's place, a heretic who knew not the Goddess but worshipped a God. and it's name was human and nature was it's foe. And with axe and barbarous fire magic it lay waste to the sapling forest, for they needed wood for their homes and to fuel their wars. The tree kind of heart and long suffering viewing every bade of grass as it's own, still gave gladly for it cared for them too; but they took too much.

After they had enough they took and took and what they could not take they burned, the tree was grieved. And So, to save her children she bore fruit. and in this fruit were her children, and the fruit ripened. Out of the fruit came the elves of Underwood. She charged them to protect her forest for that is why we were created. And so the first great war in all of history took place. With hearts of fury with drove them away from her then her forests flourished.

Oh great mother tree
with your children round about you both elf and green
we serve you always
As you have served the Goddess
so we serve you.
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