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Lore of Exzalia, the last wolf

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 200

There was once a powerful and majestc race of creatures that lived on Exzalia, they were the wolfs. Strong and intelligant, they respected their role in nature killing only when needed. Truely a noble creature but, they are no more. No one knows who spilled who's blood first, but a bitter hatred grown from fear began to sprout from a new creature, human kind. Enmity between humans and wolfs grew like a weed, fear of these misunderstood creatures soon gripped the humans of Grove.

It started with disturbing discoveries along the roads leading through Groves many forests, humans torn apart; half eaten with terror still etched on their faces. The findings of children were most common for they were too weak to fend of the attackers with magic, they made easy targets. People began searching for the culprit but to know avail, and as time went on the attacks became more frequent. Then the spark that started it all, "It most be the wolfs."

No proof had been given that it was the wolfs who were attacking caravans in the night but people were dieing, they had to blame something. Wolfs were certainly the most common beast at the time, they were also cunning easily capable of learning human speech. Perhaps they lured children with promise and merry calls, no one knew.

And so the great mid night massacre began, the humans raged war against the wolfs, slaughtering them with a ruthlessness that rivalled devils. 10,000 silver coins for each wolf pelt. Slowly the wolfs were exterminated fearful howls and whimpers echoed through every night for almost ten years.

Finally one wolf pack remained at the northern tip of Grove. Wolf hunters and trackers formed an army of 500 to kill this one wolf pack, lead by general Vandal, 500 years ago they marched into the frozen wastes of wolf haven forest. There, on a frozen night they raged war with the wolfs driven by hatred for love ones lost to them.Finally one wolf remained.

The queen of wolfs, Luna the silver the last wolf. According to legend Luna killed 50 men before finally sucombing to the humans fury. Vandal raised his sword over the last wolf. "With this you monsters will be ended!" He said triumphantly, his men cheering behind him.

As the wolfs blood flowed in the pale moon light she looked at the human standing above her. "No, we will live on, in you." And she with her dying breath she cursed them. Her last words being, "You will now be the monsters you so fervently hunted."

And thus, the were wolfs were born. It is said that were wolfs are humans possessed with the spirit of one vengeful wolf. As part of the curse, each werewolf will have the incredible craving for human flesh. Indeed turning them into monsters.

As for the killings in the woods well, they still happen despite the fact the wolfs are extinct and if anything, they are getting worse.
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