Lost the Plot.

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Yes I have. Quite literally. I wrote it down on a piece of paper which has disappeared. ;(

A whole week’s worth of meticulously planned chapter outlines – poof. It’s almost as bad as the time when I was two chapters in (yes I have been trying to write this story for a while. Fate doesn’t seem to want to let me finish) and my laptop caught a virus and had to be wiped clean. Yes we should always back everything up. I know that now. I even knew that before, after my last little disaster. But this was a piece of paper – how am I supposed to back it up? Answer: I shall have to buy some of that ‘in triplicate’ paper they use for job applications, where it goes through and copies onto the other two sheets. Do they do quadruplicate paper as well do you think?

I’m so annoyed with myself :mad:. Now it seems that anything I write towards my story is directionless and therefore pointless so I can’t write at all. Stuck at 10,000 words (the furthest I’ve ever got). Making a new outline is daunting, plus I still hope the old one might turn up somewhere.

So after ransacking my desk looking for it I decided to take a breather and do some writing so here I am, attempting to distract myself and calm down. That’s what blogging is for, I assume? This is all a bit strange to me. Anyway, I hope that someone might read this and learn the moral of the story:

Always secure any important pieces of paper in a safe place.

Or maybe I left mine in a safe place? So safe I can’t remember where it is.

Blog summary: :(

Better go get searching.
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