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Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 112

Some time ago someone invented a golden stick on a rope and called it Lotto. They then held it up over the population and watched them reach for it. The idea is simple. People will pay for just the chance to become rich. The greater the riches, the greater the temptation, the more they pay. Of course, this effect is not as strongly felt among the more well-to-do parts of society than it is in the poor society. To the poor, the lotto is a shining beacon of hope. A dream within arms reach...or just another dollar. Just another ticket.

What a wicked little game. Sometimes I wonder how much money a person spends attempting to become rich and never achieving it. How seductive, though, and a bit informative. There are basic human needs and basic human wants and if you know them, own them, you can control the people who want them. I think one our most basic wants is comfort. We are always striving for as much future comfort and security as possible. Being rich satisfies many of our needs and wants so I suppose the mere chance of achieving what others would have to work considerably longer for instantly would definitely be a hard thing to pass up.

But what a wicked little game...
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