Love Pt. 2

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Love is walking around the world just to see them. It’s not sleeping for 4 days because you can’t stop thinking about them. It’s living on 5 dollars a week for food and not caring because you still have them. Love is perfect.

Love is having them step on your heart and crush it into dust and still following them around like a sick puppy. It’s calling them 30 times a day even though they don’t answer and you know that they won’t. It’s writing them a poem or song and having them not even look at it and you don’t care. Love is cruel.

Love is anything and everything wonderful and great about this world and simultaneously everything wrong and hurtful. It can be your salvation or your damnation. It can bring you back from the darkest pits of yourself and make you happy, or it can send you into that hole and never let you back out.

Love is crawling on you hands and knees for miles and miles just to see them smile, or hear them laugh. It’s never letting go even after you both know it’s over. It’s knowing that all you have in the world is each other and that’s all that matters. It’s like watching anyone and everything you’ve ever cared for being burned to the ground.

Love is having a void in your heart where they should be whenever they are away from you. It’s lying awake at night wondering if they are thinking about you too. It’s knowing that no mater what you will always be with that person whether they are here or there.

It's a feeling of not being able to get the image of that person out of your head. You can't think of anything or anyone else. You want to be with them 24/7. And when you're away from them, you can't wait to get close to them-even if it's just for a second. It’s wanting to know anything and everything about them. It’s never giving up hope that they will one day want you too.

Love is forever and ever. It will never die, there will always be love in this world of ours. You can love more than one in your life and you probably will. Don’t let one bad love ruin the rest of the love in your life.

Love is complicated, it is beautiful, it is awful, and it is amazing. It is everything. That is the best way I can explain it to all you non-lovers out there. If you ever find yourself in love with someone take my advice never let them go, ever. Be with them for as long as you can, and when you hold them, hold them like it’s the last time you will ever see them.

Treat every moment you have with them like it’s the last one of your lives. Never let anyone tell you that you’re wrong about love. When you’re together treat each other well and don’t do anything to break their heart. Be with them whenever possible, embrace the feeling, embrace life; Love.
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