Love Thyself

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The only way to effectively navigate our world is to first understand oneself.

The core of my personality that is both my deepest flaw and greatest strength is that I operate on an "all or nothing" basis.

If I act, I commit to the act. If I do not give it 100%, I do not do it. This is my strength.

If I indulge, I commit to the indulgence. Addiction is inevitable. This is my weakness.

I work most efficiently in short, energetic bursts and am able to sustain such behavior indefinitely. This is my strength.

My focus wanes after a short time of engagement and I seek out new stimuli, of which there are many more that waste time than use it effectively. This is my weakness.

Because I operate at extremes, I am able to more easily navigate the greys of a situation and identify the middle ground. This is my strength.

Because I operate at extremes, my leadership is often impulsive or indecisive. This is my weakness.

I love deeply and loyally. This is my strength.

The loves I hold so dear breed paranoia and jealously. This is my weakness.

I know who I am. This is my strength.

I know who I am. This is never weakness.

Love thyself.

For no one has more capacity to love you than you. The intimacy required for love exists innately in the self, though only when directed at the self. That is, you know you the best, and no other will ever know you as intimately as you do. Everything you wouldn't want to know about another, you know about yourself.

Embrace the ugliness of being human; plummet to the depths of its magnificence and love thyself. The only one looking out for you is you, and that is as it should be, for each other has his own cross to bear; each other has her own suffering to endure. To levy your burdens unto another is weakness of the will, and the integrity of one's will is the integrity of the tightrope you walk strung between heaven and hell.

I must come before We, as 1 must come before 2.
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