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Published by Zacharai in the blog Zacharai's blog. Views: 78

I want be wrapped up inside a hijab
So I can see within the walls of Tehran.
Or be a kilt, clothing an ancient Scot
at the battle of Scone.
Or be a minaret that houses the muezzin
So I can bring people to prayer.
I want to be a tilaka so I can see the world
Through the eyes of a Hindu Goddess,
Just for a day. I want to be the chopstick that a foreigner
Uses for the first time, dropping nourishment on the mat.
Or be the camel that brings traders to the
walled caravanserai of a desert Oasis.
I want to be the corner stone of a cathedral
built long ago by the Masons.
I want to be the butterfly who flaps his wings
just to cause chaos a world away.
Or the free floating cloud above
casting a shadow on a girl flying her first kite.
I want to be the one that makes you smile,
always, and forever.
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