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I'm not exactly sure how to start this one, cause I just have so much to talk about...

First off, I have this HUGE research project I'm working on of the Rwanda genocide. Hmph. Doesn't help someone who's already depressed. The pictures are enough to send someone over the edge. Thank whoever is up there, I'm strong and I know that its important for me to know that sort of thing for some reason later in my life.

Second, I miss my grandmother terribly. Her memory has been dragging me down, down, down until suddenly, I find, there is nothing left of me to care for anything anymore.

Third, my boyfriend's 18th birthday is tomorrow, and I don't want it to be here already. I know exactly what'd going to happen; things are going to escalate until he's going to be so distant, I'd have to send a fax to get to him. I hate May 1st.

I feel a bit better after ranting...
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