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City Name: Lucaret
Ruler: Master Lan Whitewall.
Power Structure: A Council of Merchants control the city. Anyone with assets in the city equaling 2000 Gold can petition to join the council.
Population: 180,000 in the city, 30,000 in the outskirts.
Population breakdown: 40% human, 35% Dwarf, 10% Elf, 5% Half Giant, 4% Orc, 2% Goblin, 4% Other
Army: 2000 City Guards (Average), 20,000 Militia (very poor), 5000 Mercenaries (average to elite)
Focus of knowledge: Technology
Important Resources: Mostly Trade, very few taxes, and a genial attitude to most cities, keeps goods flowing into the city as a market place where enemies can buy and sell essential goods from each other without angering anyone.
Short Bio of the city Lucaret is a traders paradise. Built centuries ago it is ideally placed along a main river which makes it almost as important as Jaladhi in terms of river traffic. And its smoothly rolling hills allows for easy well maintained roads leading to all other cities in the valley.
One hundred and thirty three years ago, the king and ruling council were deposed when they tried to impose stiff taxes on the traders, who they feared had become too powerful. This fear proved correct. After a brutal, and short civil war, the Merchants hired army prevailed.
They now operate as the main market for all the valley. If one city needs something from its enemy they almost always use Lucaret as a middle man. For a handsome fee.
Even the city of Green Leaf is allowed access to the city. Although they have to pay higher entry fees.
Recently they allied with the city of Crolestere. Rumours and reports had arrived saying that several cities were thinking of attacking Lucaret. It was feared that they would not be able to increase their army in time, and its militia is hopelessly under trained. Thus in return for very favourable rates, Crolestere allied with the city providing its large army in support of its ally.
Thus Lucaret remains safe, for now.
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