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Luminous Stone

Published by suhailp in the blog suhailp's blog. Views: 211

I'm losing focus,
I need to concentrate- take a moment to contemplate,
lean back and smile, listen
to the words that pour from her mouth.
I can't look her in the eyes in case she can see through me,
because I'm crumbling underneath,
through my eyes she can see, a devious man,
im not what I say I am...I am
nothing but empty words,
comforting fabrications you see?
That make you weak at the knees,
caught in this web of deceit.
You think I'm everything you've ever dreamed of,
but I'm your worst nightmare mate.
I will bend you to my whim-
a mere puppet in a twisted game of cat and mouse.
But you see I've played this game before;
I've got a lot of practice you might say.
And do not doubt that I will most assuredly have my way-
but you will most certainly never have me.
Because I'm a luminous stone, a golden fictitious hue,
cold and unnatural like things that stare back at you,
And how I stare at you, from behind a one way mirror,
the eyes I stare through, from which she can see clearer,
into this wall of cracking stone.
And now perhaps you ponder why?
But the most fucked up thing is...so do I...so do I.
After this game we played,
the thrill of the chase,
but me, nah, fuck it,
I dont give a shit.
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