Luna reminiscence

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The moon beckons me once again, and I find myself tranquil, but yet still anxious...
I feel the cold winds breath licking at my neck, and yet I will stay here till dusk, as I do every so often transfixed by its rare beauty.
My only regret is the dimming night and the shadow day arriving. These half cast false lights have dulled my senses, with mans ill attempts to stave off the night. I feel remorse and I cannot help but sit and feel pathetic as my shadow looms over me. A constant reminder of how life fails to control or to even comprehend the simplest of forces

For this I will reminiscence of times forgot, a life lost in the suns embrace, we all have a shadow, an impersonation of what I, us are. The only true time I can see myself is night, I lose that weight, I lose my burdens and I can sit contempt to stare into the distant elements that are call myself. The sky, the stars the moon the sun are the culmination of what we are, our souls our lives.

Yet I still feel the need to sit here and watch the night slowly die. Irony would be that as I sit here to write this and I cannot hope to truly write what follows my bereavement.
As this would be the only real time of solsistice, for at this hour I will write a hundred poems and create a thousand characters, my novels lay unknown between the fragments of reality that I hold my own. She is my inspiration, my muse, my life is held by the seamless stars that riddle to gather around her.
She has foretold my death, and 6 billion more, as we can never last. Hope is such a pitiful excuse for those who will not act, I see all this as clear as the grass before me.
Fears, lead to destruction to selfaced delusions that hundreds dies for. Claim it as you will but you cannot hide form a peacekeepers sleep. And nether shall I. Sleep is an excuse for those who can’t dream, and dreams are what show us as us . My imagination is my limit and so the sky is.

I could describe the hours I seek to replace with fonder memories but those are mine to keep, and so I shall write this small nonetheless heartfelt fraction of my thought, and continue to be content with her,

My only regret would be I know not her name, we call her by many, but not her true name. Maybe this time when I ask her, she may answer me and then, then I will never wake from this endless night, and I will be home, renewed full cycle...

To those who read this I ,Dream for now and will wake at sun down...

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