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Mall of brands

Published by Michipanda in the blog Michipanda's blog. Views: 133

Today, as part of my three day weekend here in Nashville, we went to the good ole Opryland mall. It was was exciting to see the mall after the big flood that happened a few years ago. It was biggger and just as fine as it was those years ago. Not a faux brand in sight! I should have brought more money. Sadly I was not able go to go into the hotel...Parking alone was $20.

Instead, we agreed to go to J Percy Preist Lake...that is we wanted to but we kind of got lost in the spiral maze of the parking lot. however, thanks to Shelby (the friendly GPS) we were able to get out of the parking lot and on our way to the lake.

I hope the 18 minute ride iz worth it. I hate to go there and its more of a dying pond than a lake. :)
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