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21 10 17 I left the house party in the morning somewhere in

Lewisham. I was not in the best condition and i realize i want to enjoy a bit

on nice morning sun. I was walking around and watching churches and hills.

After some time i want to go home to the Heathrow direction and it’s a 1h 30min

journey. But my phone was dead same same as me. Then i start ask people where

the train station my throat was completely gone i can barely talk.

I jump in to the bus which goes to train station and sit

behind the driver on the first sit. Put my hoodie on and start enjoying the

trip in a sleeping mood.

When i close my eyes i heard some conversation. All passengers were talking about me and they

were interested where I’m going. I remove my hoodie watch on them and they were

not talking anything then i realize that is just voices in my head... Put my

hoodie back and start chilling again, and again i start hearing how they

talking about me i turn my head and i catch them. But when i catch them they were

acting like nothing happened we just going to the job not talking about you.

Then i start play with them i was acting like stressful angry man and they was

on the hook they start to be scared and i was laughing from them.

I jumped out from the bus with smile on the face and went to

the train station.

When i jump in to the train close my eyes and again i start

hearing how they talking about me i just open slightly my eyes checking them

and they saw that and start saying like I’m tricky and know what’s going on. But

it was polite and funny way. They was spying me i was spying them=]

They were talking about me nonstop. When i got enough i jump

out from the train and jump to another wagon but there as well everyone knows

me... After someone took photo of me sleeping i jump out from the train and

went out of the tube to get fresh air.

On the subways i was dancing some freestyle dance and sing

some songs but this people was following me and i heard they like what I’m

doing. I make them lough.

On the way to the tube exit where the sun light start reach

the tube floor i was imagine the flying

bird and i was acting like a flying bird.

When I went out i heard from behind sarcastic good morning

on the afternoon and welcome back! These words made my day i was laughing much.

I saw man dressed like Dracula and he was giving to me his

flyers with zombie on them. It was fun because I was looking like a zombie from

that flyer.

I went to the Borough Indoor Garden as i been there before

and some people was following me too. I was imagining what i want to grow there

and they were commenting. I didn’t tell any words but my body language did. We

spent cool time there. We were dreaming

together on the pure sun light and with flowers around.

When i get back to the tube it was really hard to get right

directions because one moment i understood everything and after second i was

forget everything. People who were commenting my journey start acting like they

going to my place giving me a hints everywhere i was going wrong. As i asked

some people before how to get to the Heathrow. Train driver was giving special

information just to me. I don’t know how they done that but they did. In the

wagon i was listening how grandpa teaching his grandson that smoking and

drinking bad. That lesson was more for me than for him and i took notice of

that. Normally I’m not partying a lot. Going regularly gym reading street

artists book and doing my own art projects. But on that day was exception.

Somewhere on the subway i heard from guys who was following

me that is the first time to them too they commenting someone journey and

having fun together. On that moment i was feeling like in TRUMAN SHOW but with

special London spices.

Even when i was steering on the tube map and want to give up

from whole this situation i heard- don’t give up baby or i love you!

That was awesome and very motivated.

The whole thing make me even sadness that i can’t call to my

job and inform them that i will not come today.

I never thought that London People can be so honest, helpful,

fun and artistic. That was amazing and very spiritual experience in my life i

never had before.

Whole journey took me more than 4h and a lot of people were involved.

When i get home i realize that i LOVE London even more!

Thank You Guys You Are Amazing!
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