March assessments...hush

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I just got done with my Marchies. Oh,that's not a word, I know. But it's a word now.

This year's theme - innovation, rehabilitation and optimism. And definitely opting to somehow, get my parents to let me study abroad. Which reminds me - any American folk kind enough to tell me what would they do if a girl dressed in a black hijab comes by, in University? I want to take precautions.

As far as my assessments are concerned, they went really nice. First was Islamic studies and English, and despite the fact that I had skipped a whole topic in Islamic studies, and in English I was too dull to even think, they went well. The next exam, Mathematics, was also good. Physics proved to be an easy one for everyone (rhymes!). Chemistry was also easy, provided I had studied and paid attention to the basics. :p. Then there was Biology. Again - I hadn't studied much, and skipped a whole topic. But the exam was great. Today's exams, Pakistan studies (i.e. History and geography of Pakistan), and Urdu, were also good. AGAIN, I didn't study a thing, I prepared for Geography in the morning (I woke up at 6 and studied for only an hour). I read History in registration time (10 minutes...?) and just listened to my friend for Urdu. On the weekend, I was writing 3 short stories, 4 songs and just wasting my time. Oh, I also visited my maternal uncle (in Urdu, he'd be called 'mamoo') since it was his 25th anniversary. Did I miss anything? Oh, I did. I slept for a long while this weekend. ;)

I also learnt from my friend that she thinks I'm intelligent. God, she needs to check with a psychiatrist. Oh and she thinks I'm a Grim Reaper. What's that??? I know he's a guy with a freaky weapon in his hands, but what else...need to google this.

Ah. I'm so happy. Thank God, oh thanks Allah. For just knick knacks, do you know that Allah is Arabic for God, and not something weird? We just call Him particularly Allah because the meaning of Allah is more of 'the absolute God', and it cannot be manipulated (e.g. goddess). And, do you know that the universal Muslim greeting (Aslaam-u-a'laikum) means 'Peace be on you'? And Islam comes from the root word 'Salm' which means 'peace', and also 'Silm' which means, in religious terminology 'submitting one's will to Allah'? Bah, just informing.

So, Aslam-u-alaikum everyone!
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