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What's up with this thing? Seems to be one of the cultural milestones of life and society, like puberty and college except college and weddings, technically, aren't necessary.

Weddings are historical and they often seemed to be more of a political thing than a personal sign of affection. A wedding was a joining of two families and behind the actual partnership where the swapping of gifts the settling of properties and assets belonging to the two, and such and such. Think royal weddings for the average Joe. Dowries and all that...more an extension of the means of one family by combining with another.

Today, it's considered the mans territory to pay for the wedding. Bull****. If the man doesn't pay, whispers of financial impotence seem to be implied or felt. I was thinking that if I had a wedding and if I had kids and they had weddings, it would be more like all the people who came bringing a piece of their goodwill with them. We don't need a church we're I'm expected to pay rent for using up time in "God's House". I could be in my house or in the back yard and it would be like a huge family cookout. Much more personal and much more enjoyable. The only official part of the event would be the preacher who could kick back and enjoy himself like my cousin if he wished. And that's if you wanted a public wedding. It could be even smaller than that.

And the rings, (eye roll). If you're woman decides to dump you because of the value of the ring is not befitting her highness than dump her on her royal ***. She's not worth it, both now and down the line, because if you to spend to marry her, you'll have to spend more to keep her. The basic idea of a wedding is a personal testament of union between two people. It's a shame that when two people get married, they have to worry over the financial burden of it because of traditional stigma and social taboo's. should be married long before any ceremony anyway. No ring, no preacher, just married in heart, mind, and spirit. Comfortable as can be. Everything else is just showtime.
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