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Marshall Mathers LP 2 is a no go (Hip Hop)

Published by DeathandGrim in the blog DeathandGrim's blog. Views: 275

I got Marshall Mathers LP 2 a week ago and like any Eminem fan I was excited but with a healthy dose of skepticism. I was hoping maybe he'd go COMPLETELY back to MM LP and back to the cleverness and gore that made him. And did he succeed? Short answer: no.

It seems Eminem's a bit more disappointed in himself these days more than usual and decided to make an album in a last ditch effort to recapture his magnum opus back from 2000, or 13 years ago if you can't count backward very well.

Eh. Never thought I wouldn't be able to sit through an Eminem project, hell I sat through Relapse just fine the first time (Stay Wide Awake still gives me nightmares though) so why couldn't I get through this? One word: Production. It absolutely PILEDRIVED this album into the ground. It wasn't a homage to early 2000's Eminem it was more late 2010 Eminem. But the thing is Recovery was GOOD, I particularly enjoyed it, but MM LP 2 feels more like Recovery 2 than anything.

The beats just make you want to tuck yourself in. Outside of Rhyme or Reason, Bad Guy, and Brainless There was absolutely no notably good production on the songs, and the hooks sung by these various different women here and there, I don't know what that was about. Even with the lyricism being Eminem standard clever and fast the beats and hooks killed all excitement on pretty much every track. It didn't feel like the MM LP Eminem that he reached for. Honestly half the beats coulda gone to Macklemore.

If I had to Rate this album 3.5/5

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