May 27, 2008

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Two in one day! What a whammy! :D

I'll add links as soon as I get them.

'The Opening' to Raven Electrick (April/May 2009)
A choice of betrayal.

'Fortune Cookie' to Kaleidotrope (October 2008 edition)
Celestia Munroe learns a few things about life after her first date with an alien.

Rich Horton's summary of Issue #5 calls it "sweet short piece about a potential love affair with an alien".

Bill Ward's review says this "surreal conversation piece...has the reader juggling possibilities ranging from alien encounters to mental illness."

A 2-year subscription for Kaleidotrope, of 4 issues, is $16 (US and Canada) or $25 (International) and single issues are $4 (US & Canada) and $6.50 (International).
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