May the Fourth be with you

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Happy Star Wars day!

Yes, it's a bad joke, but a good enough excuse for me to do something daft. My project today, is to watch all six Star Wars films consecutively. Why yes, I am a complete geek. I'm going to start with the prequels, partly for the chronological value, and partly because I want it to end on a high note. As I write this I'm about midway through Episode I, and to be honest, all of the gripes about it are coming out. Tomorrow is going to be spent hunting down the idiot who told George Lucas that Jar Jar was a good idea for a character.

As to why I'm doing this, I'm a bit unsure myself. Yes, I like Star Wars, but not on the obsessive level which would usually provoke such an event. I think it might have a similar reason to why I did the Lord of the Rings marathon a few months ago. Bragging rights. Afterwards, I'll be able to say I've done it, with all of the geeky benefits thereof.

Basically, I'm mental. But hey, it gives me something to do while I revise, and distracts me from politics for a bit. And I should have it finished before midnight, if iTunes is telling me the truth. I'll post up a second, reflective, blog post once I'm done.

Until then, May the Fourth be with you!
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