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Chrys felt the pains of her second litter coming, confused as to why she was pregnant. Nathan stood by her, he had heard their hearts , just as he had when Chrys went in ti labor with their first litter.

"Children," he bekoned to them all, "Go get Aunties Reva, Ray and Fox, tell them 'there will be more.'"

Chrys looked at Nathan with confusion, who was this man, and how did he know what she seemed not to? She allowed him to guide her to a cave closer to the stream, startled by how deft he was despite being seemingly blind. "How-"

"I can hear as well as you can darling, if not better." He answered wisely before she had finished forming the question aloud. Chrys sat slowly upon the cave floor as Raylene and Reva entered, both smiling at her. Fox ealked in behind them, trailed by rat-roos and shoing her own child back out of the cave.

Fox sat near Chrys' head, scratching her ears, "So, Cat girl brings more into the world." SHe grinned as Chrys began to purr.

Raylene and Reva worked seemlessly together, having gone through the procedure numerous times with other women of the tribe. Raylene gently coaxed the first kit into the world, a soft mewing emitting from the youngster's mouth. Reva cleaned him up and handed him gently to his father who cradled him and places him into one of the waiting baskets padded with soft grasses and animal downs. Fox continued to relax Chrys by scrathing her ears when she would tense up from contractions. The four women and Nathan continued to work steadily as first one and then another kit took his or her first breath.

Nathan smiled as he listened to his children mewing in their baskets, his wife would return to him soon. "Another full litter I see. What a wonderful mother Chrys."

Chrys glared at her mate, wishing he could see her face, "You smile because the little buggers don't use you for food." She grasped her firend's and, "Fox, would you mind getting my water bladder so I can store some of this milk?"

Fox nodded and walked away. Reva looked up at Chrys, "Everybody's healthy, I'm going to get rid of these." She held up the birth sacs, intending to take them to the death pile away from the tribe's home.

Ray looked into Chrys' eyes, Hey, how are you feeling right now? Any worries?

Chrys smiled back at her firend, No. But it is always funny to have Nathan spring back into my memory. Um, can you tell if any of the children are different per se?

Rey looked over at the six kits, listening intently to each. YEs, the one with black eyes and no cat ears like his siblings, he's controlling his sister's arm, but can't move himself.

Chrys followed Ray's description and watched as one of her kits lay completly still as his sister, right next to him, watched confusedly as her limbs eemed to move against her will. The little girl became frustrated and burst into flames.

Nathan quickly grabbed a water bladder, they are stored in every cave because of the Bleek-Water's clan, and extinguished his infant daughter. "Okaay, this little princess has a bit of me in her."
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