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[Copied and pasted from my external blog. Please do take a look. I'm trying to update regularly, every few days or so]

I am pleased to announce that at 18:00 Mountain Time Monday 7th June (unfortunately 01:00 BST, Tuesday 8th June), Page Readers will be conducting a live interview with Jessica A. Weiss, the editor of Pill Hill Press' Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets anthology, in which my story "The Mystery of St. Mary's Morgue" will be appearing. I believe a number of my fellow contributors may also be joining in the interview.

I myself won’t be able to (being a poor student and international phone rates being the bitch that they are), but if you’re awake at that time and at a loose end, please do tune in. I am reliably informed that there is a chatroom for it, too, so I’ll probably be bumming around in there if anyone’s interested.

If you do want to tune in, the interview will be on the Page Readers blogtalkradio site, and from the look of it, they do archive their interviews, so if you’re busy at the time, or can’t face listening to a radio interview at 1 in the morning, then you can always hear it later.
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