Meez vs Here

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I came here from Meez, and don't even bother going there or even think about it because you honestly don't get any decent feedback unless you ask, and if you haven't been on there for years you get no views at all. Guilty on both charges :redface:
I am stupid/smart enough to post the reasons why it's so much better here.

1. HUGE amount of people there. Small amount here. I prefer smaller communities.
2. You get feedback whether you want it or not here, and Meez... well, "Good, can you post more?" is about as deep as it gets half the time. Guilty, because I didn't care about grammar and spelling there. Other people chided. I wanted the stories.
3. I have a feeling if a gigantic burst of R-Rated stories come here, they will be deleted immediately. It took months to get all of it out of Meez, and after that people were sending it to the people who/m wanted it via Private Messages.
4. I don't have to sift through pages and pages of comments to get to the story.
5. No ads that talk. Epic win.
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