Merlin is now clean

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'Who's this?' I turn round to see Alice looking Merlin up and down. 'He stinks.' She wrinkles her pretty nose.

'Alice be nice he is a guest. His name is Merlin and we don't understand his language.'

'Handsome.' She smiles at him. He smile nervously back. Guess he has never seen a girl with green hair before. Then addressing him, 'Come on you look like you need a bath and food. I'll introduce you to Plato. Suspect Uncle Soc wouldn't let me help you have a bath.'

'Alice no I bloody wouldn't. Your father has entrusted you to me.'

'It is OK Uncle Soc, wasn't really gonna. You said he didn't speak Hairenese, so just having fun.'

'He isn't stupid.' She grins and ignores me.

'Come on big boy.' She says and takes his hand leading him out. Bede the falcon takes a position on Alice's shoulder, Ptolemy the cat arranges himself as a soft boa around Merlin's neck. 'Eww what have you been eating, your breath is terrible.'

'Alice be nice.' I call after her.
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