Millipedes take over the house!

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With only one week till my mother and father in-law arrive, things have been pretty hectic around the New House!

Not only have we been moving beds around, but we've also been battling a major infestation of the dreaded millipede! *yuck!* There are that many, that I was having nightmares about them, thinking they were going to get into our beds and climbs all over us in our sleep! *shudders* Lucky though, they have not. Or I'd of packed up and left by now. LOL!

I am going to call in the Pest Control to take care of the problem, because the entire town is just crawling with them, literally! It's horrific! It's something you'd expect in a horror story, or movie, not in your own home. They are really that bad. I wish I was just exaggerating.

I hoovered this morning, and within an hour, there were another 30 that had come through the front door. I have even found them in a pair of my socks that I got clean out the draw. I can't take much more of them. They are taking over our entire property in hoards! Outside I hosed the patio down as there was that many I couldn't stand looking at them anymore, and 2 hours later, you'd not even think I had cleared them away. Disgusting little pests they are. I constantly have to watch Tobin as he has picked one up in the past and almost had it in his mouth. I'd hate for him to eat one... EEEWWWWWWWWWWW! I feel sick just at the thought of that....

If anyone knows anything to deter them, that's natural, let me know. I'd much rather that then call in the pest control. But I haven't come across anything that works as yet... be nice to though.

Today we also got news that the English version of Samhane is coming closer to being ready and the cover should be revealed either tomorrow, hopefully no later than the middle of next week! Very exciting! The artist did such an amazing job with it, and it was truly wonderful to see the painting change so much from the first image we received.

Along with the revealing of the cover, the publisher will be setting up for pre-orders. YAY! It's so exciting watching the entire process of a novel being published. I don't know who's more excited about it all, Dan, or myself! hehe!

Other good news is that our mystery fruit tree is now loaded with CHERRIES! LOTS AND LOTS OF CHERRIES! Best part, they are now beginning to ripen! yay! We also have a plum tree, an apple tree, a mandarin tree (which has been pillaged since we moved here), a pear tree and two peach trees! YAY! My kids love fruit, and I spend so much money on it every week, so I'll be savings a lot of money once they are all ready for picking.

We have also saved money with our electricity! YAY! This house is just so economic it isn't funny. I love this place so much! If only it had another bedroom, then we'd never have to move again. hehehe!

Anyways, for the latest blog tour post and for more news (which will be appearing either tonight or over the weekend), stop by Dan's blog.

and for his latest interview (should you just want to skip ahead to that)
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