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Mindsets, Difficulties, and General Writer's Block

Published by JPGriffin in the blog Griffin's Blog. Views: 39

Before anyone jumps the gun and says, "There's no such thing as writer's block," I'm going to agree with you completely. My problem isn't writer's block, in that I can't write for some mental restriction, but because I'm simply out of practice. My last ten-minute "free-writing" session was just moments ago, and it's been at least... two weeks, I want to say, since I've done the one before. It helped me out personally, so I thought I might as well share with a community that might share my experiences.

I know this is fairly large, but it has meaning to me, and I frankly want to share my ideas and thoughts. This has rooted the idea of exploring more genres, of trying these new experiences and seeing what I'm comfortable with. I repeat, Fantasy isn't easy, and many genres won't prove easy too. What I need to find is my element, where I'm comfortable in writing and cracking down there.
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