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Minty fresh!

Published by J.D. Ray in the blog J.D. Ray's blog. Views: 166

Well, I've gone and done it. I created a special edition of my debut novel by inserting a graphic of an autograph and a map of the area the story takes place (created by our own @Night Herald no less). I "minted" ten copies of the book as NFTs and put them on Rarible for sale for 0.1 ETH each (about US$200 at today's exchange rate). I have no idea if they'll sell, and it cost me about US$75 to go through the process (prices for minting vary throughout the day, but I just went with the prices that were offered at the moment I did it).

One neat thing about selling an NFT on the blockchain is that if someone buys it and sells it on (I presume after consuming whatever's inside), I get a 10% royalty on the sale, and every sale thereafter. So if, for instance, my novel got sold on for 0.25 ETH (about US$500), I'd get US$50 on that transaction. Every time.

The NFT craze is almost inexplicable, and I have no idea if my book will sell. But at least I'm offering something that can be consumed, rather than just crappy "art" that's being offered right now (there's some good art being offered too). This will be interesting if it goes somewhere.

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