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Mixed Media Journaling

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I love to do this (esp after too much caffeine :) ) - write (or use as a writing prompt) & illustrate with photography, art, collage, decoupage, paper mache, anything I think about or can get my hands on. I'm wondering if anyone else likes to do this too.

Recently a friend gave me a few encyclopedias from the 1960s. So far I've written a couple of poems using the information there & the photography. I hope to do more. One of the books is entitled 'The Life of the Ocean'. I'm hesitant to post the photography I scanned but here's the poem:


You won't see her
in her rich brown shell,
orange berries.
and tiny black tubeworms.

She is protected
from her enemies
and disguised
from her prey.

If you swim too close
she'll open her huge mouth
and swallow you
as your churning
dirty water rushes in.
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