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Moans, Groans, and General Complaining

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 150

Life is a series of experiences. Within them, there are obstacles and achievements.

While different people may have varying amounts of one or the other, the other really does not effect how you deal with your own. The other may be the cause of more opposition or more achievements, but it is telling of the character that begins to complain more about the inequality between themselves and another rather than finding a way to break the obstacle themselves.

In life, obstacles come in many forms. They are tests of your personal spirit and motivation. In such time I find it better to approach them with the spirit of an Olympian athlete. With stamina, energy, strength, clarity, confidence, and determination. The Olympian represents the epitome of human triumph over adversity. The physical manifestations of victory. While all problems in life are not physical in nature, it represents a basic ideal that one should meet, head-on, ones problems. It is how you build yourself.

I remember reading of Ganesha, the Hindu God of Wisdom and Trials. I remember thinking how appropriate it was for such a God to exist because surely his Force represents a considerable portion of human life. Not that life is center around trial and adversity, but it is definitely a part of it. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual... the victors of life learn to destroy crippling and debilitating realizations or visions of themselves and the world and strike for the piece that matters to them most. Your goal may be worthless to another. It's not about comparison, really. Your life may not simply revolve around one-upping someone else's. It's about having the confident, piercing endurance and dedication to reach your dream despite any forces set against you.

The Olympian, to me, represents victory, resilience, mastery. Moans, groans, and complaints cannot stand in the same light. How can you complain to a person who has faced challenge from the world greatest...and come out on top brimming with confidence?

You don't have to be superman...or wonderwoman. But you can be yourself, know yourself, and never accept defeat.
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