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Published by Still Life in the blog Still Life's blog. Views: 82

- Sitting in my sister's beat up , smashed up, blue Mitsubishi Gallant, with our stilettoed heels up on the

dashboard, reading all the racy parts in The Fountainhead.

- The first gift my mother gave me: A set of hairpins, on my 22nd birthday. Her words: You look like a chimpanzee

with that orange hair.

- My words to my mother on my 22nd birthday: Yes, and now I can look like an orange-haired chimp with hairpins.

And it's all thanks to you!

- The conversation I had with my mother on the porch in our old neighborhood. I was reading Congo and was on chapter six when ..

Why you read sex books? she had hissed.


I know you read sex books. You think I don't know?

What are you talking about?

(She jabbed at my book, her nails round and viscious. I bowled over with laughter. She had been reading "six"

as " sex" all along.)

- Oyaji's lighter, the one he always kept the breast pocket of his weathered, green parka.

- Having my shorts pulled down during a Powerpuff FootBall tournament.

- Ryan Soreno holding my arm longer than he should have, and realizing it.

- Joseph tracing my clavicle with the rough edge of his thumb.

- The first time I saw Haruki Murakami at a book signing....

..and my knees buckled.

These are the things that I will forever fold into my memory.


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