Money, money, money

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“Police have raided the home of an ex-Qantas flight attendant who had a mid-flight romp with actor Ralph Fiennes on a flight from Darwin to India.” Quotes nine msn news online.

Further more it reads on to state she had declared herself bankrupt and dishonestly disposed of property and money from a trust fund she had declared bankrupt. However police reporting fraud claims. Seized $8000 from her residence and a laptop.

Why did she do it? Because she a bad girl or were their underlying factors? No matter what the reason she is looking at the possibility of jail. I don’t want to get to the point of why she did it. As the human race I think we all know that people tend to do as they are. I don’t believe in questioning the personality of others. Most people would have money come to their minds anyway.

What I am interested in is the money side of things. How far does one have to go to believe they are financially secure? Why does the endeavour for money become upmost in people. I myself have been on the receiving end of the law when it comes to money. As the old saying goes once bitten twice shy. So why do people chose to over ride law for the sake of money.

I’ve often heard people say money doesn’t make you happy and I believe the saying is true. If you’ve got it illegally your forever looking over your shoulder, if you have earnt it you want more. Often it leads to the great feeling of incomplete.

I’d love to hear what you all think.
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