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Quick question

What would the world look like without money?

And by money, I mean anything of value exchanged for a good or service. if money did not exist, what would the world look like?

Would there still be jobs?

Would we have these sprawling civilizations and nations?

Would we be motivated to do the things we do now...if we weren't paid for it?

I call money the great excuse for civilization, because without money, this great civilization would have never existed. we are barely "united" as it is. We can hardly stand our own neighbor, let alone someone on the other side of the world who is not a family member or loved one.

What do you think? if no money existed, how would the world look?

After answering that, then ask yourself,

Is it even possible to exist without money being invented? If money we're removed today, would the system simply reinvent itself?
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