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Mother of Banana Parliaments

Published by Gallowglass in the blog Gallowglass's blog. Views: 158

The British public has delivered its verdict on the Labour government; an overwhelming 71% of them voted them out. In the end, they received two million votes less than their rivals, and took a spectacular loss of ninety seats, in a shattering defeat not seen since 1931. Yet the Labour Prime Minster, Gordon Brown, clings on as the leader of this country.

It's not hard to see why. The Commonwealth has sent a delegation of election observers to its founding nation, for the first time in its history. Over fifty allegations of postal voting fraud, each of them in marginal Labour areas, have been reported already. This means that people are filling in fraudulent votes with false names and real addresses, often more than a hundred of them at a time, and sending them off. No, there are absolutely no checks on this. In fact, the votes are almost immediately thrown into boxes where they remain, with no attempt to check whether the people who signed them are even resident in the country. These incidents happened, without exception, in seats where Labour could have lost by only a few hundred votes, and, funnily enough, the Labour National Executive Committee investigated but found no wrongdoing.

But this isn't the only way Labour has tried - and pretty much failed - to rig the election. They have constantly shifted boundaries of constituencies (areas which elect an MP to sit in the House of Commons) to include more poor immigrant communities and public sector workes, traditional Labour voters (the former was in fact imported solely for the purpose of voting Labour, as admitted by Andrew Neather, bringing in a million new legitimate votes for the party) in geographically smaller regions. It takes half the number of votes to elect a Labour MP than it does a Conservative.

There have also been thousands of people turned away at rural voting centres (traditionally Conservative-voting areas) because the polling stations were closed (sometimes forcibly by the police), mostly in marginal seats, although polling stations in 'safe' Labour seats across the country remained open.

In no democracy worthy of that name, no polling station with double the number of voting forms necessary for its constituency could run out, and postal workers are not forced to hand over sacks full of postal votes, and the councils do not overturn a decision by a judge on the basis that they do not agree with the evidence (as happened in Tower Hamlets, a good example of an African shanty, politically and demographically). Independent candidates are banned from having their ballot boxes sealed, which could explain their poor results despite a massive anti-government sentiment that carves a path across party boundaries.

In Barking and Dagenham, an entire opposition party to Labour's cultural minister were wiped from the council - despite having the same number of votes nationally as they'd had in previous local elections, and the same support that they'd became accustomed to in the constituency. The cultural minister was one of the chief fraudsters of the expenses scandal, but is one of only a few of those expenses cheats in the higher ranks of any party to have held their seats. Bethnal Green had a 14.7% swing to Labour from the Liberal Democrats, a remarkable result when the latter was so popular at the time when a majority of postal votes was cast. I've heard through comments on newspaper websites (generally quite a good source of information, if you do a Google search to check any facts that might appear) that turnout was not only higher than it was at the last election, but it was actually higher than any other election in some inner-city areas: more than 110%.

It just goes to show the incompetence of this Labour government, that they can import more than a million voters, create a million more on non-jobs, gain several hundred thousand votes through the practices of local government, and still lose.

The most perfect waste of food known to man.
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