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Mr and Ms Mouse!

Published by RedRaven in the blog RedRaven's blog. Views: 151

I'm going to Disneyland Paris this weekend. Personally going to greet Mickey and Minnue, maybe even pose for a pic together, you know those two can dance quite a charleston whenever the cats are away.

My little stepbrother just turned 12, my mom surprised him with a weekend of enchantment and went along and invited me and my husband along too. My third time already.

The first time I was a prill teenager, having met the one I ended up marrying (and still love more than life itself! Truly! He could beat me to bits and I'd beg for more if that meant I could live out the remainder of my life with him. Luckily for me he's a gentle and loving man. Okay, enough praise for the hubby for one evening! :) )

Where was I? Oh right, being 17 again.. Together for merely 3 months we and a few friends decided to go to Disneyland for a weekend. First time sleeping together, big fun I can tell you that! :p

Then the second time, my husband surprised me with a weekend for our three-year anniversary.

Now the third time.. together for almost 10, it's going to be a trip full of great memories and good fun.

Although I do kind of hate getting up early and driving there. Being awoken in the middle of the night is just not my cup of tea!

Have a great weekend all.. and may magic fill your hearts! Forgive the mellowness.. I can't help myself.
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