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Mrs. Kiss

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 124

I told her don't go
she said she don't know
I told her that I had a thing
I'd like for me to show.

She sat down slow

A pale-skinned woman who was quite thin
curved little waist and a shy, pink kinda grin

I wrapped my arms around her and I pulled her onto my lap
the look inside her eyes said she was wary, looking for a trap
but I just looked inside her then I popped and gave her thigh a slap
she giggled and she rolled, I felt her fingers pull, probe, and tap

"What do you have for me,
another poem or a wedding ring?
Did you make a song you wrote all night
and waited just to sing?
Or do you want to wiggle-
giggle round until the morning,
then at work will both be yawning
probably snoring from this night."

She had a way of smiling that could clutch you right at the chest
and had a way of being that could make you feel like the best
so i felt i could go on with it and give her this test
to see just who she was and would she be like all of the rest

i pulled a letter from the draw and handed it to her
and watched her read it quitely, her voice ever softer
and when she got down to the end i looked into her eyes
and she looked into mine as if trying not to cry

She then looked at the letter and she bent it to a band
and took that slip of paper and wrapped it around her hand
and looked up to me and said, "If there were naught but richer men
I would take this as I take you and make you both a wedding band."

She reached under my neck, looked in my face at this
and when I only looked she sealed her words with a soft kiss
and forty years later, if every other thought I miss
I think I'll never lose the time with her beyond that kiss.

My baby, dearest Lady, fondly known
as Ms. Kiss
Have love, have life
and in mine you will be missed.
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