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Mrs. Perfect

Published by K~la in the blog K~la's blog. Views: 145

Former Mrs. Perfect,
A housewife and mother
broke up her home
to go be with another.
She used to wake up
at the crack of dawn
for cooking and cleaning,
to take care of the lawn.
Then one sunny day
she had to step out,
to finish their supper
she needed sauerkraut.
But when Mrs. Perfect arrived
she got so much more
than she ever bargained
from the grocery store.
Walking to the cashier
in a yellow sundress,
she dropped a glass jar
that made a huge mess.
So a clerk was announced
to clean up aisle three,
and when she saw him
her heart fluttered with glee.
He smiled and said:
"Let me take care of that."
Mrs. Perfect stood speechless
while he tried to chat.
"Haven't seen you before.
Are you new in town?"
"No," replied the woman,
"I just don't get around."
He wrote down his number
a few minutes later,
which she called that weekend
to meet at the theater.
They sat in the dark
real close holding hands,
though she barely knew
a thing about this man.
Then they drove to his house
for just a few drinks,
each just wondering
what the other one thinks.
And so one thing
had lead to another,
Mrs. Perfect no longer
a good wife and mother.
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