Muhahahaha. (What, me, crazy? Are you out of your mind??)

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Copied and pasted from my wordpress blog. Which is by the way totally private so you can't take a look. Ha! Well, enjoy my insanity.


Aloha reader(s)! Okay, I know there’s only one but it’s always nice to pretend you have a whole bunch of readers and followers and people that send you emails to tell you how amazing your blog is. Yeah.

Well, when I have more time (aka when exams are over) I’ll try to make a new blog (you heard that right) which will be public- I’ll use it to post pictures of my creations, stuff like jewelry, bakings, other little nonsensical thingies. Maybe even sell some earrings that way- at least if there are people that are willing to pay about a million for my awesome stuff. I’m sure there are! (I mean, EVERYBODY want Lydia earrings, right?)

Okay, so, that’s what I’ll do (if I don’t fall down the stairs and break my neck or something else) when I have more time. Stay with me till then, cause I still have lots of interesting things to blog about. (yeah, sure)

Just got back from gaming with my dad and brothers. Gaming sound cool, right? Yeah, very. Especially when that game is called Toy Home for which you need lots of skills and patience. Definitely patience. I was very patient. I mean, I only screamed like 16 times during the game… which would be like 2 times a minute, which is, like, totally normal, right?

Of course right. I’m sorry to tell you that I lost all three games I played, though. Well, you know, actually, I just love my family so much I let them win. Of course. Gosh, I’m so sweet I think I’m gonna melt. (And I’m such a liar I’m gonna burn too and so… turn into burnt caramel?)

Anyway. Studying has gone alright today. Did French again, of course. Lots of boring stuff of which I shall not say the name because I know it doesn’t interest you. So let’s skip that!

I did a lot of standing in front of the stove as well, because we all know that’s very useful and rewarding (really only if you want to be warm- which I was, so no problem!).

I have this feeling there was something else… OH! I remember. (I have such an awesome brain)

Tomorrow the logo designing contest ends tomorrow- well, then the ten best will be picked and put up as a poll on the website. On the 25th the contest really ends, and the winner will be known. I sure feel like getting $1000 and a free Adam, so let’s hope… *dreams off*

Yeah, well. I don’t know. The best one wins, I guess? I have no idea what the other designs look like or if they’ll like mine, so I guess it’ll remain a mystery till tomorrow- when I’ll run of to check to website and scream- either with gladness or with VERY VERY VERY big disappointment grown up accepting disappointment. And I won’t scream of course. No, not at all. I’ll just smile fakely and say I didn’t expect to win anyway.


So, what else? Nothing? Yeah, nothing.

Don’t cry.

I’ll be back and tell you about my very exciting life. So exciting nobody knows about it. I mean, it’s so exciting nobody’s allowed to know about it, or I wouldn’t have any private life left- too many fans, you know.

Anyway, I love you all and I have to go now and bring soup upstairs. Yeah. So exciting.

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