Multiple Personalities - Caused by Writing

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I've realized something quite intriguing as a writer. For as long as I have written stories, I find myself feeling a bit "multiple" when creating characters.

For example: I created a character for a story I was writing (though I put it on hold for now) and well, my friends and I later turned it into an RPG. Well, after the RPG was officially started, I began to fell like I was my character (Moon). Everything I did was just like her. I acted like her, dressed like her (well, actually, her clothing inspiration came from how I dress) and my friends even picked up on it. They were telling me, "Stop being emo Moon." Sometimes they even called me Moon. Though I had not realized I had developed her habits. Besides, she was only a character.

Now, I'm wanting to know, does being a writer/author trigger or start some sorts of multiple personalities?
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