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Music And Writing.

Published by ChaosReigns in the blog A Writer's Illusion.. Views: 283

Well, this is my first blog on here, but not in the WWW, but i thought, why not?

The title is pretty self explanatory, and this builds off of one (or a few) of the threads on here, and this is my full take on it.

Some people find that music is quite distracting when writing, and that i can understand, as there are certain songs that i struggle to write while listening to, purely because it takes a lot of my mind to listen to that than actually write. but that is a rare occurance. Normally, you will find i have something or other playing in the background, whether it will be the new found favourite band Rush, or an all time favourite such as Trivium, Symphony X or Dream Theater.

You will notice that all apart from Trivium are Progressive - type bands, i find it easier to write with bands who continually change with their sound from one end of the album to the other, Trivium do have some prog elements to their music (the songs Shogun and The Crusade come to mind here) but they have a more shorter, melodic sound. The music either has to be long and flows (with an extended melody) or short with a good paced melody. Bands like Machine Head, Black Label Society and even Black Sabbath can fall under this as they use a formula which lends itself (in my mind anyway) to good writing music.

You may also notice that it is a half ton of metal, mainly because, being a 'Metalhead' that is what i listen to on an hourly basis, i would say daily, but it is a literal 24/7 thing. Metal can be controversial, but that's part of it, and that can be part of my writing (if you saw my Psychopathic Delusion thread, you'll see why) but it is also so far a part of me now, that anything else feels and seems wrong and trust me i have tried listening to other genres, but cant stick so go back.

Ok i have gone off the drift slightly here, but thats me all over. Metal is my weapon and inspiration of choice when writing, and that will never change, if any of you lovely people read my writing, music has affected it in some sense or other.
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