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" Music is food for the blind, wen non believers are hungry
and searching for purpose they crave music, music is a drug.
Highly addictive when taken in high amounts. It can be intoxicating,
where it attacks the nervous system, and there it causes permanent
change. Music has lasting effects, it's supply is endless.
what is the world like for someone who is deaf, music
is such a wonder, sometimes it can be taken advantage of,
abused and mismanaged. However, when put in the right hands,
Music can be a fine ass lady, where her every curve is perfect.
When you look deep into her eyes you can see her soul.
So good you can taste her perfume, so good it was meant to be,
Music is sound in its purest form, like a diamond, or oil,
but can be sold like cheap petrol. Music is what you make it,

some are in it for the money,
a few wanna start a family."

your biggest fan,
Jesse James the outlaw
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