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My activities on the forum have been waning...my reasoning.

Published by Infinitytruth in the blog Infinitytruth's blog. Views: 95

So, I haven't been to active at all lately. My reasoning is that I decided I need to write more instead of just typing on a forum. It doesn't quite do me nearly as much justice. I'll still be hanging around on the forum. Just figured I'd state why I haven't been as active as I once claimed I would be.

Basically, I just think it's going to improve my writing twice as much(Plus it'll be more creative), writing stories over writing a lot on the forum. So, there's my reasoning.

I'll still be coming around, I think, for quite a while. I just feel it's better to use my time writing stories and improving my skill that.

Anyway, that's my statement on what's up with me lately.

Till next time.

Truth out! ;)
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