My Big Fat Diary - Week 2.

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I've been dieting for about two weeks now, and I feel so much...healthier. I actually feel cleansed, it's amazing. Eating the right food has actually made me feel slim before i've even gotten there!

My usual diet:

Breakfast -

Small bowl of cornflakes and chopped banana


two slices of small nimble bread, toasted, low fat spread.

Lunch -

Wafer-thin chicken with salad in brown nimble bread


Crabsticks on crunchy crackerbread (only 19 cals per piece....amazing stuff)


Small crabstick salad with a teaspoon of dressing.

Din Dins -

Soup and a slice of brown bread


Stir-fry vegetables with egg noodles


Chicken with red/green peppers


Tomatoes/scrambled egg/beans on toast

Dessert: Low-fat yogurt, and a piece of fruit as a snack.

If I get hungry inbetween meals I either have a small bowl of cornflakes, fruit, or a piece of nimble bread (toasted).

Aaaaand I think that concludes whatever I might've eaten during the last two weeks.

My treat was a small mug of hot chocolate, which I felt guilty for, but it stopped the cravings for a bit. Amazing as it sounds...I haven't eaten any chocolate! :eek:

Today I felt awful though - our car ran into trouble and we were stuck for hours waiting for the repair man to come. I was really hungry (my dinner time has become quite early, around 5-6pm, and it was nearing 9pm) so I went in to try and find something healthy - bad luck. I managed a 300 calorie sandwhich and :sigh: a bag of baked walkers crisps :(

I ate the crisps but only half the sandwhich. I guess my calorie intake wasn't so big considering I halved it (a trick i've picked up) but I feel so bad for having eaten them :( they were baked, so 70% less fat I guess...but still....I feel like I broke my diet. Ugh.

I know I didn't *have* to, but it was either that or chocolate, and to be honest, I'd rather eat something that was low-fat and a fraction of the calories of the usual choice of crisps then go hungry. Especially when I had an hour car ride ahead of me too...I'm not stupid enough to starve myself for the sake of that.

I've been walking alot more this week, getting up earlier, and being more active since going to uni - however, I haven't been to the gym. It's been snowing constantly so the roads are slippy and it's freezing cold at Uni. I know it's no excuse, but this isn't swimming weather.

I think i've lost quite a few pounds since starting, as you actually do when you first make the drastic diet change. I know that soon it'll whittle down to....what? 2 pounds a month? Hah.

Unfortunately I have no idea how much :( I haven't bought scales yet, but I really should do. I also need to make a calorie-intake diary to log everyday...I suppose those things are next on the agenda.

It's worth it though, in the long run.

Great points: I've noticed weight-loss from my waist, and I've had lots of compliments of how slim my face looks! :D

Weight seems to come off my face first. I know that really it comes off equally all over, but my face seems to be most noticable.

Must keep going Must keep going Must keep going....
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