My Big Fat Diary

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It might be the semi-erotic reading I've been doing lately, but all of a sudden I feel grotesquely overweight, ugly, and a complete turn-off.

I want to be able to dress up and look gorgeous. I want to be able to wear skirts and shorts, vest tops and dresses. I'm sick of hiding myself away and feeling like just the fat useless girl that lumbers around the place and clearly has no confidence.

I need to change desperately, and I'm ready to.

I'm seriously dieting now, and I'm going to start excersizing too. It'll be difficult, but if others can do it, so can I.

I'm easing myself into my diet this week, and then when I'm back at Uni, I plan to stock my cupboards with nothing but healthy dieting food, and excersize daily. I also want to go swimming atleast once a week.

I'm 3 days in so far....I must get a set of scales so I can see how much I've lost.

Next week I'm going to start recording my daily calorie intake, any excersize I've done, and whatever weight I've lost in this blog.

Wish me luck. Perhaps there's a pretty girl waiting to get out...
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