My cats are all stupid! Ha, ha!

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Okay. So I have three cats: Val (gray Persian), Talisen (a 20 pound black fluff ball), and Thumbellina (a 4 pound, brown and gray fluff ball). And the story I'm about to tell you occurred in the time frame of 10 minutes. I kid you not!

Okay. So I'm just chillin' in my living room, and I hear one of the cats meowing like they're hurt. Val was next to me on the couch and Talisen was outside on the patio, which has a glass door that leads back into the apartment. So I was like, "Where the hell is Thumbellina?" It sounded like it was coming from the laundry room, so I walked in there, and then I realized she was behind the dryer! So I had the attempt to move the thing, climb on top of it, and pull her out. Then I put her down and pushed the dryer back.

Then I decided I was going to take a bath, so I got the water going. Then I heard this loud BANG! I ran out into the
living room and saw a black ball bombarding into the glass door. BANG! Then I realized Talisen was too much of
a dumbass to understand that you can't walk through the glass. I opened the door--and I SWEAR--this cat is looking
at me as if to say: "What? I'm black b$tch!"

I let him in and walked back inside, then Val came out of the bathroom looking like some oversized rat. He was soaked! He had fallen into my bath water! At that moment, I hear Thumbellina meowing. She was stuck behind the dryer...AGAIN!

Why did I end up with the dumbest cats on the planet? Probably so I could get a good laugh everyday. :)
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