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Thought I'd better post a blog just to inform you, dear friends and readers, that I'm still alive...just. It's been an exhausting, yet at times rewarding few weeks.

In the writing world, there's been an exciting sale to Malpractice: Anthology of Bedside Terror, and I'd like to thank Scott, Nate and Paige for accepting it. For those of you that have had the pleasure of reading Necrotic Tissue, you'll know the quality of the ezine. Now imagine that in print! I can't wait. Release date will be February 2009 at the latest. The story is called 'Prosthetics', a prequel to my short story, 'Dr Sally's Pleasure Chair'. After the frustration of that story (the goriest thing I ever far!) of selling it to two seperate publications, only to have them fold before press, its nice to have to the origins of Dr Sally Bowman out there for all to see. And speaking of Dr Sally...

Samhane. Some of you may be aware of the delays this book has gone through (not blaming anyone, This is publishing!) but I believe things are going to be moving on this soon. Fingers crossed for a Halloween release date (Samhane for Samhain anyone?). I'll keep you posted.

Just to remind you that copies of the e-antho Weirdly 2: Eldritch are still selling well and are available at It's been received well and was alot of fun to work on. Please, check it out!

My current project, 'Fear of the Dark' is nearing the end of the first draft. Its made the transition from novella to short novel. I dont think this is a good or bad thing. It just happens. It's quite an odd little story, actually. I wanted to try a few things out to challenge my writing. For example, can I set an entire novel to play in one night? Can I keep it in one point of view? Can I make all my characters bad guys? I still think it reads well, and not like a writing exercise! I aim to get this finished before my holiday in November (not that you care, but now I've written it, it has to be done!).

Anything more to add? Erm...for thriller fans, Shutterbug is available from too. Check out the reviews on my page. Oh, and dependant on the comments left here (haha! I'm optimistic!) I may post a new, blood-splattered Samhane sample, just to keep your appetities wet! If you want to see one, just ask!
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